Starting Freelancing Advice

Thinking about starting freelancing you are not alone. We can an insight and explore advice from some expert freelancers.

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In 2014, the Freelancers Union commissioned a study that found about 34% of the American workforce was composed of independent workers, and that stat is expected to grow to a whopping 50% by the year 2020. With so many millions going freelance, there are more than a few tried-and-true techniques that can help make you an extra-efficient

Starting Freelancing Top Tips

Be transparent with your clients
As a freelancer, your business is just you running it inside out.
That’s something you must be proud of, so don’t hide behind a facade:
Be the name and face of your business, because your business is you.
From a client’s perspective, if I were to hire you to provide a service, I would want to know who I’m giving my money to. So be sure to inject who you are into your brand. You can shape that however, you’d like, but the key is to be personable. Also, when a client is interested in working with you, be transparent in conversing with them. If you only take on freelance opportunities part-time, let them know. Otherwise, you could run into a situation where expectations are misaligned and conflicts pop up as a result.

If they’re going to hire you, explain to them how your process works.
Show your interest in them and their business, then break down what they can expect by working with you step-by-step. Being transparent isn’t a weakness, it helps build trust and confidence, and can be what seals the deal in a proposed project.

Don’t make these Freelancer mistakes

Starting Freelancing Mistakes

When you’re freelancing, you usually have clients who you build relationships with. And although you want to enjoy your clients (and vice versa) and get to know them, I realized that I was being too unprofessional with some. At the end of the day, your clients are technically your boss, so you want to keep a level of professionalism when communicating.

Write smart emails, forgo too many emojis, use proper names, and so forth – until you are getting those casual vibes from the client. Then, it’s likely fine to communicate similarly, or in the same manner, but follow their lead and remember that this is still your career.

What successful freelancers wish they’d known from the start!

Don’t say yes to everything!

Ahh, you’re new to freelance and a project with a paycheck comes your way. Congrats! But before signing on the dotted contract line or agreeing, give yourself a day to think about it. This is something I definitely did NOT do and found my first few months to be awful and unaligned with what I wanted, to be honest.

Stop and think: Is this really the type of work I left my corporate job for? Am I passionate about the subject? Am I only saying ‘yes’ because I’m scared I’ll never make money again (p.s. you will!)?

Of course we all need to stay afloat money wise, especially when jobs are less stable, but that’s where proper savings BEFORE you go freelance comes into play. Most people go into freelance for the flexibility and to follow a passion, so do your best to stay within your interests. Only take the job if you are excited about it – or if you really, really need to pay rent.

Career in Freelancing

Best Advice from Expert Freelancers

Michelle Schroeder – Personal finance blogger and freelance strategy consultant at Making Sense of Cents.
Schroeder is a blogger and freelancer that runs the popular personal finance and lifestyle blog Making Sense of Cents. Since 2011, she’s been using her MBA in finance to write content for finance-related websites. “Now that I’ve built a sizable audience, I earn a majority of my income through affiliate marketing, advertising space, and managing content for a few other websites,” Schroeder shares. But, she got there by creating content that provides value to her readers, demonstrating transparency, and working hard to publish her work on other relevant blogs

Nick Marr Digital Entrapenuear

Freelancer Expert

The no.1 piece of advice I would give before starting freelancing is to start thinking like an entrepreneur! Stop thinking like an employee. Remember rejection may hurt for a while, but it can be considered an opportunity to learn further, strive harder, and be better. Don’t give up on finding the right client and project for you, and don’t stop learning new skills to develop yourself. Try new ways to do build up your client base with marketing, be open-minded, and always have good communication with your clients. Success is in your hand and your perseverance.”

10 Steps to Starting a Freelance Business While Working Full-Time
Ryan Robinson Writer, side project aficionado, and part-time entrepreneur. At gives some sound advice on starting a freelancing a business while working full-time.

1. Define Your Goals
2. Find a Profitable Niche
3. Identify Your Target Clients
4. Set Strategic Prices for Your Services
5. Build a High-Quality Portfolio Website
6. Create Examples of What You Can Deliver (on Your Portfolio Site)
7. Thoughtfully Choose Your First Clients
8. Mention Potential Clients in Your Content
9. Learn How to Pitch Yourself
10. Don’t Mix Your Day Job Priorities with Freelance Business



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August 9, 2018