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How to Make the Best Decision When Choosing the Right Merchant Service Provider

No matter what size of business you are, choosing which merchant service provider would best suit your company can require some research and consideration. With so many options, it can seem overwhelming to just pick one, and many businesses often work with several providers because it opens up choices for their customers. However, with the right information, you can make a choice that will affect your company for the better.

Here are some things to consider when you are choosing the right merchant services for you.

What kind of pricing do they use?

It’s most likely that the type of payment method you choose will include the use of credit cards. When it comes to this type of payment, simple tends to be the best. A quick setup can get you started right away and provide you with the assets you need in order to conduct business efficiently while offering support to clients.

This means you will have to consider the pricing your chosen merchant service provider has and whether it works within your budget. This can be especially important for small business, who might have to choose between one or two options instead of several. The most common forms of pricing nowadays tend to be flat pricing or Interchange-Plus.

Much of which payment facilitator you use will depend on how much growth you see for your company over the next few years. A flat rate can be great for small companies that are unlikely to see additional locations open up, but for a company that is looking to expand, Interchange-Plus might be the way to go.

Are customers’ cards on file?

Most small businesses rely on loyal customers that return because of the quality of the product or service. Having clients’ cards on file might not seem like the most exciting aspect of choosing the right merchant services option, but it can make a big difference if you have a number of returning customers. It also makes it much simpler for you since you don’t have to re-enter important information when you know that it is safely stored within an app.

These merchant services providers also often offer additional services such as integrations with your software. This can make it easier to know which payments have been made, which are outstanding, and what purchases your customers have completed. It also makes it simpler for them to buy products or services since their info is already on file. If you have an eCommerce store, this can be especially helpful for client retention.

Having cards on file can also give you a leg up over the competition since you will have a better idea of which items in your store are selling well. You can see where you need to make changes or where you might need to incorporate advertising, as well.

In conclusion

Choosing the right merchant services can help your business to thrive, while also offering you the tools to continue growing as a company. With this in mind, you can choose a provider that offers you the support and tools you need in order to be successful as a small company.

April 11, 2019

How a Mergers or Acquisition Can Cause Positive Change at Your Business

Change can be scary, and you might not always know whether it will affect your business positively or negatively. As your company transitions, it can be a stressful time for both you are your employees. However, you can take this opportunity to make some changes that will help your business to grow. As a business leader, it can be your job to use a merger or acquisition as a way to be more organized and promote company culture.

Here’s how you can use a merger or acquisition to increase sales and simplify your processes.

They can create economical synergy

A merger or acquisition gives you a chance to take a step back from your daily routine and see where your business is succeeding and where it might need some fine tuning. Companies often combine internal processes during a merger, including what type of resources and software are used. This can mean anything from the type of CMS your company might use to the virtual data room that your business has incorporated in order to better facilitate a merger or acquisition. An evaluation of your company can give you a clearer idea of which ways your business is succeeding and which ways you can improve.

You can integrate your systems

It’s likely as a business that you have a host of programs that you use in order to get work done. When you add another company to the mix, you might not always be using the same applications, and some data and resources will need to be shared in order to make the merger or acquisition successful. This can be a great time to consider integration between a number of applications. Integration will require some teamwork from all departments, but it can make working together much easier in the future.

It’s a good idea to make a list of which programs will need to be integrated and whether you have the software to do this. A list can also help figure out which programs might be unnecessary and could be discontinued, which can end up saving you money and time in the long run.

They allow you to evaluate your scalability

Your business might not always have grown at the rate you wanted it to in the past. Mergers and acquisitions can speed up that process by providing you new tools for growth. You will also have access to a number of people who can provide quality advice and can identify any problems you might be facing. New blood can be a great thing for a company looking to expand, and it can provide you with the extra resources you need to increase your visibility or to streamline your processes for greater efficiency.

In conclusion

A merger or an acquisition can be difficult for your business, but it can also open up a host of new opportunities. It is up to you as the company executive to see the positives of change and to make the most of these changes for a more productive operation.

March 15, 2019

E-Safety: Staying safe online for children and young adults

The internet is a fantastic tool for everyone to use in a variety of ways. Whether it’s for business purposes, education, connecting with friends or listening to music, the uses of the internet are vast. There are amazing websites and apps  available for people to learn new things, get creative and put their ideas out there to the public. The internet is jam-packed with endless possibilities for exciting ventures and learning. However, with the digital age advancing so rapidly, it can be worrying to know what’s genuine and what isn’t. While the online world is a positive step in motivating the young minds of our generation into learning and showcasing their skills, it can also be a scary place. Read on to get some advice about e-safety and how to help keep your children safe when using the internet.

Social Media

Social Media platforms are great ways to showcase your business, products and connect with friends. However, it can also be a prime way for people you don’t know to access your personal information and take advantage of it. It can’t be stressed enough how important yet straightforward it is to use your privacy settings and control who has access to your information. Also, remember that whatever you post online will stay there; you have no idea who could be saving what you post, even after you delete it. Always be wary of what you are posting, commenting and sharing as this will impact what information is available to hackers and unkind people. The less you share about yourself, the harder you make it for others to access your data and commit other crimes. Finally, one of the critical rules about social media, only add friends you know and trust. If you make sure your children are adopting these methods and are clear about using social media  safely you can be more aware of things to avoid.

Screen Time

Another method you can adopt is managing the screen time your children spend on their phone and other devices. If you set a time that your child has access to ‘screen time,’ you’re able to monitor their usage and limit their access to threatening sites. You can also manage what they use the technology for, so for example, if you have younger children, it may be beneficial to dedicate screen time to fun and learning activities. With older children, you could limit their screen time to a certain time per day and encourage them to use it for valuable things like education or listening to music while studying. If you want to become more familiar with the more ominous side of the internet so you’re aware of the issues that can arise, you can use this guide to intrusion detection systems to find out more about network security.

Talk to your children

One final point to make regarding online safety is to outline the importance of talking to your children and communicating the risks in a positive and way. By talking to your children about using the internet, you’re teaching them how to use the internet safely instead of taking it away from them entirely. You can discuss how you should never buy things from unidentified sites and be wary of putting your email address into anything, as well as monitoring their usage and making the most of child-safety features. But as well as this, you’re also building up your trust foundations so your children know they can come to you if anything is wrong.

March 4, 2019

How businesses benefit from using technology

Technology is vital for the day-to-day running of businesses and making sure everything runs smoothly. Whether it’s to expand communication, update customer records or keep employee information up to date, technology is vital for businesses to operate effectively. The advance rate of technology is rapid, so it can be challenging to keep up with the progress of it. However, it’s easy to see how much technological advancements have improved businesses, healthcare, day-to-day living and transport. If you’re a well-established business owner or you have just set up a new venture, explore the different ways technology can help to make to make a difference to your company.

Get your name out there

Using the internet to your advantage is the best way to make a name for yourself and establish your business. There are several ways this can be achieved, as the internet is so broad you can use different methods to reach out to potential customers and release your brand into the wild. Social media is an excellent tool for doing this, especially once you have a reputable website where customers can view your products and services on. You can intertwine your website and social media accounts together, offering promotions and encouraging social media users to go onto your website to browse for products. Don’t forget to post regularly on social media channels and keep the website up-to-date, so potential customers don’t get bored and lose interest in buying your products. You can check out
something like this IT Professionals Resource Center to help give you more of a guide to networking and monitoring your progress so your business can grow online and build a valuable customer base

Accounts and finance

In the day-to-day running of your business, keeping on top of employee records such as payroll, absences, meetings, and progress can be a big task. Combine this with managing customer accounts, sales numbers, customer feedback, and business costs can be an absolute nightmare if not done correctly. When you consider how much technology has helped to make these tasks more accessible and manageable, it’s quite incredible. It’s one of those things where you may not even realize how technology aids in your daily tasks until you take a minute to really think about it. Accounting software has developed massively over the years, meaning updating records such as staff pay, and sales is a much simpler task. Anyone can be trained in how to use the systems, so it does make a huge difference and makes business life much more manageable.

Data Collection made easy

If your business involves a lot of data collection and let’s be honest, which company doesn’t? Then you’ll be one of the many people who benefit hugely from the tools that have become available to make this process so much easier and less stressful. Computers are essential in analyzing data collection but think about the different ways you can collect the data you need. Mobile phones, laptops and tech-savvy electronic devices can all be used to obtain the information you’re after, and then it can be easily transported from the device onto your computer. This also means that not all your business work has to be office-based, so if your business is the type that requires anything from market research to meter readings, always remember how it’s technology that allows you to get the data so quickly.

March 1, 2019

How Is AI Affecting Contract Management Review?

As technology gets more and more advanced, it’s reasonable to question how these new improvements will change how small businesses run. One of the areas where AI is likely to alter certain processes is contract management. AI will be able to run software more efficiently and will be able to identify problems within your contract review processes.

Here are some ways you might see contract management changing because of the advances in AI and how it can help your business thrive.

It affects contact migration

It’s likely that you have spent a good amount of time creating a database where your contacts are stored. These can be quite detailed, and manual entry can take a long time to accomplish. With new innovations in technology, however, it is now possible to migrate your entire contact list to another application or organizational software without difficulty. For businesses with a number of clients, this can be especially helpful when you are trying to organize your contracts within an application.

This can also be useful if you have any legacy contracts on file that you need to keep for reference. Keeping track of all of these documents can be overwhelming, but the use of AI allows you to spend less time managing contact info and more time addressing your clients’ needs.

It can keep you more organized and reduce search time

AI also allows for better tagging and flags, which can help you keep track of what is on your schedule and what project needs to be developed. In the past, it took much longer to go through file cabinets and desk drawers. However, with AI tech, you can migrate all of your contracts and information to one source and use tagging in order to help you keep track of your documents.

You can decrease the amount of time that you would normally spend retrieving files by using a contract management system, and you can also search by client, data, and much more. As more information moves online, you can increase the productivity of your business through some of the newer software options.

It can help you leverage previous contracts

One of the best things you can do when you are looking to improve the processes of your business is to see whether or not the contracts you have used in the past have been successful. With AI technology, you can establish whether your boiler plate contracts need to be revised. You might not always have a clear sense of which aspects of your contract you need to change, but with an automated review, you can determine where you might want to make alterations for more efficient agreements down the line. Of course, tagging allows you to determine which areas of a contract need to be changed for the future.

Once you have finished working with a specific contract, you can also archive it for future use or as an older draft. With newer AI, you never have to worry about losing a contract, but you also don’t have to be concerned about it taking up space.

In conclusion

As AI technology becomes the new standard for a variety of businesses, your contracts can benefit greatly from being stored on a cloud-based system. Not only do you know exactly where they are, but you can also make your company more productive with flagging and archiving.

February 26, 2019

How a Smart Terminal Can Help a Small Business Succeed

When many businesses consider their payment options, they might not always think about how their payments will be processed. Some businesses still deal solely with credit card services or cash, while others are making the leap to online payments and the use of mobile applications. Fortunately, there is another way that clients can make payments while knowing their information is protected.

Here are some reasons to consider a smart terminal for your small business.

It boosts your business’s efficiency

Consider SEO and how this can boost search engine rankings with services ranging from constant click to google rankings tools. Much like these performance enhancers terminals were created to make the payment process much easier in general. However, nowadays technology has made it even simpler to provide clients with a quality payment experience through a smart terminal. You have the option of either sending receipts through email or printing them out, and with 90% of customers preferring digital receipts over physical ones, you’re cutting back on waste in general. Through the use of a network, you also have instant records of what was purchased and when for your business’s records.

It provides customers with a more positive experience

A smart terminal has also been shown to help customers with their checkout process. Because you do not have to physically handle their credit cards and they can be swiped or used with a chip, a smart terminal provides an extra level of security. Digital signatures and the acceptance of EMV chips also make the checkout process much faster, so your clients can have their transactions performed smoothly. The development of the EMV chip made the payment process simpler for both customers and businesses, and smart terminals have responded to new payment methods, as well. Some of these include NFC payments through a phone, Apple Watch, and more.

It allows for greater tracking

It’s not always easy to know how your business is doing unless you have the numbers in front of you. Tracking your transactions can give you insights into your success and the areas you need to improve on. With a smart terminal, analyzing your insights becomes much simpler since it is integrated with a virtual terminal, which can be a useful when tracking which products are selling well and which are not as popular. You can also integrate your data to your own software to keep track of your inventory needs and what needs to be replaced.

It offers greater security

Smart terminals also make it easier than ever to know that customer data is safe. Most terminals are Level 1 PCI Compliant, meaning that they offer a level security required by all the major credit card companies. Data is also encrypted, making it much more difficult for hackers to gain access to information they shouldn’t. Your customers’ accounts should be stored on a secure network, which a smart terminal provides since all information is sent to a highly secure cloud. As data security becomes more and more important, knowing your clients are protected can be essential to the success of your business.

Technology has made it easier than ever to provide a higher standard of service to customers. With a virtual terminal, you are setting up your payment process to be simpler and to offer more insights to how your business can be improved.

February 8, 2019

Tips for Growing Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Tips for Growing Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing is an important tool that contributes to your online presence and improves your business operations. In a fast-paced digital world, it’s important for every business to establish their brand with an efficient digital marketing strategy. This is because every brand needs to be known in the digital sphere in order to sell their products and services. Businesses of all sizes are spending more and more time and money on strategies to get customers to fall in love with their brand, ensuring customers will choose them over their competitors. But with so many tactics, methods and strategies to choose from, the digital marketing process can be overwhelming. Read on to find out six tips for growing your business through efficient digital marketing efforts.

1 Improve User Experience

The user experience is what matters the most in digital marketing. It’s absolutely vital for a business to understand their market and what works best for them. Your audience must be able to engage with your website and your products in order to establish a lasting relationship. This can be done by having a digital marketing strategy that builds your audience’s knowledge to inform and inspire them.

User experience can be enhanced through effective content and communication channels and a website that’s fast and easy to use. This includes fast loading times, clear navigation and modern designs. In addition, it’s important to increase user experience by enhancing interactivity and connectivity. For example, your business could introduce instant messaging or a frequently asked questions page to your website. This strategy will help with customer questions and complaints, as well as collecting feedback for website improvements. It will also make your customers feel like part of a community they trust and that they’re more inclined to use again.

2 Write Creative Content

In order to grow the digital marketing aspect of your business, you’ll need to create content that’s insightful and engaging. Posting relevant articles and blogs will drive quality traffic to your website. In the long run, this traffic should turn into quality leads. After all, whenever someone reads your blogs or articles, they’ll develop a stronger impression of your company. Furthermore, it’s essential that your content is targeted towards your brand’s values and specific market. For example, an ice-cream business might write an article on the health benefits of eating gelato and sorbet. This piece of content will be targeting the right audience while being informative and engaging.

Not only can effective content increase your organic traffic, but it can also improve your search engine rankings. Engaging content attracts links as well as page views. This makes it a great long-term strategy for brand strengthening while also improving your website’s search visibility.

 3 Use Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, social media plays a major role in establishing the online presence of a brand. Using social media platforms is a great way for businesses to digitally market their products or services. They can engage with their audience and communicate their message with powerful content that attracts a viewer’s attention. To begin, it’s important to establish a social media strategy that creates brand awareness. This may involve regular uploads, the creation of competitions or even having social media influencers promote your products. As a business owner, it’s vital to keep an eye on people who could be your brand’s influencers. Get in touch and discuss with them ways to build your brand’s visibility. Facebook and Instagram are two of the best social media platforms for brands to digitally market their business. Your audience will be more likely to click on a link seen on Facebook rather than through a traditional email marketing campaign.

4 Create Video Content

Video is a great feature of many social media platforms, allowing you to digitally market your brand. It’s a powerful tool that’s capable of communicating actions that content simply can’t do.  It’s important to consider Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories in order to engage your audience. For example, you can hold product launches, answer questions, or do a tutorial in real time in order to promote your product or service. This gives a tangible feel to your audience and helps them to connect more closely with your brand or product. Thus, it’s essential for businesses to use social media platforms in order to enhance their digital marketing.

5 Implement Search Engine Optimisation

Every business should consider search engine optimisation (SEO) when wanting to grow their digital marketing efforts. First, you should conduct a credible SEO audit and find out how users are interacting with your website and social media platforms. SEO looks at aspects of your website optimisation and link building for better search engine results and visibility. For example, if your content uses links that aren’t credible, it might not appear in search engine results.

SEO strategies include content marketing, onsite technicalities, link profiles, targeted outreach and social outreach. Industry specialists recommend updating your SEO once every quarter because Google updates its algorithms hundreds of times per year. Find the keywords that are making your business gain or lose viewers in order to make your brand as searchable as possible. It’s important to understand exactly how SEO works in order to improve the digital marketing aspect of your business.

6 Consult with a Digital Agency in Melbourne

Finally, to grow the digital marketing efforts of your business, it’s a good idea to contact a specialised digital agency in Melbourne. A digital agency is different from a traditional marketing agency, as they’re dedicated to achieving results through the internet. A digital agency in Melbourne focuses on digital strategy, web design, ecommerce development, CRM integrations, online marketing, mobile apps, search engine optimisation and social media. Long gone are the days of television and magazine advertisements. Nowadays, a digital agency has a team of strategists, consultants, writers and developers who work together in order to achieve results with no guesswork involved. Strategies are continually tested to see what’s working and what’s not working. Thus, a digital agency is able to measure results and implement strategies immediately. If you want to enhance the digital marketing of your business, it can be helpful to contact a specialised digital agency in Melbourne.

February 6, 2019

What Payments Should I Offer My Customers While Running a Small Business?

As a business, it’s up to you to make sure that you meet your customers where they are at. One of the thing you might want to consider is how your customer experience is overall and how you can improve it. How your customers pay can be an important part of their experience working with you and whether they will choose to come back to your business in the future.

Here are some of the payment options you might want to provide to your clients.

Check or money order

One of the more old-fashioned ways that clients have made payments in the past is through using a check or a money order. Bank accounts and other payment forms have made it much easier to pay with other methods, but some customers might still be interested in making large purchases in this way. Offering check or money order can establish trust, but it can also cause difficulties if there are not enough funds within a client’s bank account or if they want to pay off a big purchase over time.

Credit or debit cards

Many businesses avoid using credit or debit cards as a main form of payment because they do not like the added merchant fees. However, many do not know that there are additional merchant services that go along with offering this as a payment option. Credit cards also allow clients to make payments over time, which can be helpful if you are selling a more expensive product or service. It can also provide you with additional help if you have a customer that wishes to cancel a transaction or you are dealing with any issues in regards to payment.


Cash is another simple way that your clients might make payments. While many customers have switched toward using credit or debit cards instead of carrying cash around with them, if your business has small products or services available, then it might be more convenient for them to pay with cash. If in doubt, it’s a good idea to make sure that your clients can pay with bills, though this can be harder to track if you have to submit your profits or you want to know which payments have been made.

Online and mobile payments

While mobile and online payments haven’t entirely taken over yet, it’s likely that you will start to see more of them within the coming years. That’s why it might be beneficial for you as a company to consider implementing them—especially if you foresee making most of your sales online. Many mobile or online options work very similarly to credit cards, so you still get the benefits of added help as a merchant and assistance with transactions. You might not need to immediately need to add online payments as an option, but it can be a good idea if you plan on carrying your business into the future.

The right payment options can make all the difference for your small business. It’s always a good idea to offer several so you can have a variety of customers interested in the products and services you provide.

January 8, 2019

How to Put Together a Team for Your Business that You Can Count On

When you are trying to make your business a success, there are many factors that come to mind. Ones of these is creating a team of employees that have your company’s best interests at heart, and who want to give their best. However, creating a dream team can take some planning and thought in order to find the right workers for your needs.

Here are some ways you can create a team that cares about how well your businesses does.

Make sure you have the same goals

Before you choose to hire an individual, it’s worth it to discuss what he or she feels he or she can bring to your business. Having an idea of this individual’s personal goals, dreams, and experiences can go a long way toward determining if he or she would be a good fit for your company. Coming up with a list of questions can help you to steer the interview toward deciding whether you and a potential employee are on the same page, and if he or she will work well with the team you already have.

Make organization a priority

Where many companies fail to do well is through showing their employees how they want to be organized. This might mean teaching them certain techniques or how to use various types of software, such as Faith Teams. Many conflicts can be resolved within a team setting by making sure there are set systems in place and that your employees know these systems well. Organization is often overlooked, especially when a business is first starting out, but it can have a big influence on how well your business will do.

Make sure to listen

As a business owner or manager, you’ll also want to take time out from your daily concerns and focus on those of your employees. It’s important to know what is going on when you are not there yourself to see, and to let your workers know that you care about their opinions. Most people like to know they are being heard, and it is important to let them know that you care about what struggles they might be facing at work. This can go a long way toward establishing a relationship of trust for the future.

Make a plan for the future

No one likes to be kept in the dark, and it is essential to let your employees know what you have in mind for your business in the future. Holding meetings where your team feels as though they can contribute their opinions can alert you to any problems or give you new ideas on how to approach certain issues. Before you make any rash changes, it’s often a good idea to involve your team and to make sure that they know what is going on.

It’s not always easy to build a quality team, but once you have taken the time to listen to your employees’ concerns and looked to how you plan to approach problems in the future, you’re more likely to succeed. A good business takes into account how their workers feel and how you can build a better future.

December 17, 2018

Why Your Online Business Can’t Survive Without SEO

More and more businesses are choosing to move online, and along with all this requires companies to think about how they are going to reach customers. In the past, physical stores used direct advertising and marketing efforts to get new business. Nowadays, online companies have had to think about reaching the right buyers through more technical means, including using SEO.

Here are some reasons why your online business is unlikely to take off without a quality SEO strategy.

You need to target your customers

Traditional marketing methods have a built-in target in mind. Whether it is determined by location or who tunes into certain TV shows or radio where ads might run, your targeting is done automatically. With the internet, the world is wide open to almost any country on the planet with an unlimited variety of interests and budgets. SEO helps you to narrow down who you are marketing to so you can hone in on the perfect buyer for your product or service. With such a wide availability of customers, you will need to find a way to reach the ones who will want to use you.

You need to have authority

Most customers tend to choose the first or second results on search. They tend to see these sites as more authoritative and as the experts in their industry. This can be especially helpful for a variety of companies looking to reach new buyers or those are researching their options. SEO for SaaS businesses can be incredibly necessary because of the variety of software applications available. In order to stand out from the crowd, it can pay to work on having your business show up at the top in order to legitimize your company.

You need to temper your budget

Paid advertisements can be useful, but they shouldn’t be the only way you are reaching potential clients. They can also be very expensive if you don’t know the right way to use them. The great thing about SEO is that it allows you to set a more defined budget that can work with your needs at the moment. You can build a budget that suits your needs and build as many links as necessary. While you should have a combination of paid and SEO advertising, SEO can be more flexible in many ways, while paid social and ads might require a more rigid strategy.

You need to stand out from the competition

It’s likely if you’re thinking about implementing more of an SEO strategy into your business, your competition already has. For online companies, if a competitor has been working on building their authority online, then you might already be behind. For many trying to sell a product or service online, they could be competing with companies who have already spent a lot of time, money, and effort on building links to their website. This makes it all the more important to be involved.

SEO is an essential tool that almost all businesses have had to implement—whether they are online or brick and mortar. With the right strategy, you can create a steady stream of customers and build the authority your business needs to succeed.

December 7, 2018
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