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We love Fiveer and to pay homage to the original Freelancer website we find 3 of the best blog posts that we think our own freelancers would enjoy. We have added snippets about each post which link back to the original post Fiveercom

Gig Economy News: ProcrastiNation

When selling a new product, either to investors or direct to customers, it helps to have a visual representation so that potential buyers understand exactly what they’re getting. Sometimes photographs and explanations simply aren’t enough: whether you’re still in the development phase, or you need more in-depth images of just what makes your product special. That’s where digital modelling and illustration come in, check out how you can work with artists to bring your brand concept to life.

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How I Bought a House with My Fiverr Revenue #SuperSeller

I  advise new sellers to stand out from the crowd and offer only those services you can really do well. Put all your effort into each and every order, whether it’s a $5 order or $1,000 order, and always deliver quality and on-time.

The Impact of Fiverr

One of the biggest impacts of Fiverr is that I don’t have to worry about finding projects. I was sick of making bids on a project on other freelancing sites in the past. On Fiverr, I just have to present my service well and Fiverr does the rest. The flow of work gives me the freedom to think more about the work I do – and do it well – rather than worry about bidding on projects. I also have the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime without worrying about losing a job.

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Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners: 7 Steps To Help Freelancers Save Money

Freelancing is a growing industry, and Fiverr sellers are in a particularly lucrative position for promoting their services and tapping into a large body of buyers looking for services like theirs. But even with the benefits of freelancing, sellers still need to create a savings plan so they can continue to work in the way they want to work, and still make ends meet (and even afford a vacation here and there).

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September 12, 2018